About us

“Biker Nights“ is a joint project of two Kaunas biker clubs, Forever Free MCC and Steely Pegasus MC. This event, dating from 2008, already holds a strong position in the calendar of every biker and those who admire this lifestyle. The festival is traditionally held during the last weekend of May in camp  ”Pušynas“, Jadagoniai, district of Kaunas.


In 2010, “Biker Nights” outgrew the traditional standard of biker feasts and evolved into a rock festival. Musicians of all ages gave performances: the stage was mounted by both Lithuanian rock giants Thundertale, Jeronimas Milius, Povilas Meškėla, Rojaus Tūzai and young indie musicians.

But that was not all of it! The festival commenced in „Urmas Shopping Area”, Kaunas, “Biker Nights” general sponsor, with an international antiquarian fair and motorcycle drag race. Thanks to “Urmas”, the participants could fill their motorcycle fuel tanks for free for the first time in the history of Lithuanian biker feasts (and maybe not only Lithuanian!)


If you asked some bikers what they are going to do on the last weekend of May, you’d definitely get one answer: we’ll be going to Jadagoniai, to “Biker Nights!” “Biker Nights” has already gained a wide circle of loyal friends, admirers and participants. The excellent location, wild nature and the lively atmosphere attract a lot of guests both from Lithuania and abroad. And even though it is constantly evolving, the core remains the same: let it be an evening of good company, beautiful nature and excellent rock music.


Don’t pass by! Let the sky blaze with the bonfires of “Biker Nights”!